About Vtok

What is Vtok?
Vtok is a simple, easy to use and free mobile application for video calls, voice calls and text chat with all your Google contacts. You can also make free calls and send and receive text messages to any phone number in US and Canada.
Do I need to sign up for a new account?
There is no account to sign up. Just sign into the app using your Google account and start calling your Google contacts.
What username should I use to sign in?
If you have a Gmail (regular Google) account, just use the Gmail username.
If you have a @googlemail.com email account, please use the full email address. Eg: username@googlemail.com
If you have a Google Apps account, please use the full email address. Eg: username@mydomain.com
Who can I talk to using Vtok?
All your online Google contacts who are either:
  • Logged into Vtok on a supported mobile device.
  • Desktop users who use Google talk from within Gmail or the Google Talk desktop client.
  • Logged into Google Talk from an Android device.
Which devices are supported?
Vtok is supported on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with a front or back facing camera.
Is my username and password secure with Vtok?
Absolutely. We use your Google password only to authenticate you with Google on a secure connection and do not store it anywhere outside your device. It is stored very securely on your device.
Is Vtok endorsed by Google?
No, Vtok is an independent application that interoperates with Google Talk and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Google.


My username and password are correct. I get a login request timedout error. What should I do?
Please try the following:
  • There maybe a network connectivity issue. Please turn off and on the Wi-Fi on the device and retry signing into Vtok.
  • If that does not work, restart the app by terminating it. Double tap the home button and terminate from the background tray. Then tap the Vtok icon and login again.
I am calling from my mobile device to a friend who's using Gmail and I can't see their video. What's wrong?
Please ask them to install the latest version of Google video and voice chat from http://www.google.com/chat/video
How do I get back my in-app purchases after an iOS upgrade?
Please visit the purchase tab (below) and click on "Restore purchased items".
I don't see any notifications for incoming calls or chat messages. What's wrong?
On your device, please visit Settings -> Notifications -> Vtok. Then enable notifications there as needed.
How do I reset my Google/Gmail password?
Your password and account credentials are managed by Google. Please visit:

Phone calls and texts

How can I start making unlimited free phone calls and send/receive SMS text messages?
You can buy the unlimited free phone calls and SMS messages add-on for a one time in-app purchase fee. This can be done from within the add-ons tab.

After the purchase you will see a new phone keypad tab. This allows you to place free unlimited calls and SMS messages to US and Canada phone numbers, powered by Google Voice.

You will need a Google Voice account and an assigned phone number for this. Please visit http://voice.google.com from your computer to create an account and obtain a phone number.
I can make calls now. How can I receive Google voice calls within Vtok?
Please visit your Google voice account at http://voice.google.com and under "Voice settings" (top right), enable forwarding calls to "Google chat".

After this, when someone calls you on your Google Voice number, you will be able to receive the call within Vtok.
How can I start sending SMS messages?
Please log into your Google Voice account at http://voice.google.com from a desktop and click on 'Upgrade My Account' to assign a free phone number to your Google account. That allows you to send and receive free SMS messages from within Vtok.

Please note that SMS messages via Google Voice are available within the US only.
How do I receive SMS messages?
Please go to the Recents tab below and pull down the view to refresh the list of SMS messages.

New messages will populated in the recents list. Vtok will also fetch new text message s and notify you when that happens.
I am a Vtok user but not in the US. Can I still make free calls?
Sure, as long as the number that you are calling is a US or Canada based number.
Can I make international calls using Vtok?
Yes, you can also make international calls. Google Voice has competitive per minute international calling rates, which you can purchase from the Google Voice service.

For more information and rate comparison, please visit http://www.google.com/chat/voice
How can I access my phone contacts to place calls to them?
In the keypad tab (which is visible to you after you complete the purchase of unlimited phone calls and SMS), in the top right, there is a phone directory symbol which provides access to your phone contacts.

Other questions

What do the icons next to the contacts mean?
A camera indicates that you can video chat, voice chat and text chat with the contact. A mic indicates that you can voice chat and text chat. A round icon indicates that the contact is online and you can only text chat with this contact.
How do I start a video, voice or text chat?
After you sign in, please click on one of the contacts from the list. This will take you to a contacts page that has buttons to start a video, voice and text chat.
How can I change my status message on Vtok?
Please use the settings button below the contact list to modify your status message.
How do I add a contact?
You can add a contact by choosing the Add a Contact option under the Settings tab.
How can I get more of my friends to use Vtok?
You can tell your friends about Vtok by using Invite via Email, Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter options from under Settings.
How do I remove a contact?
You can remove a contact by selecting the contact from the list, and then in the detailed contact view, click the delete button on the top right. However, please note that by doing so, you will not be able to chat or video call with this contact unless you add them again as a contact.
How do I provide feedback?
Please send your comments and suggestions to feedback@vtokapp.com. We would highly appreciate that. This will help us make Vtok even better.
Can I receive calls even when I am not actively using Vtok?
Sure. Vtok runs in the background when you're not using it and alerts you when there is an incoming call.
I have a Google Apps account. Can I still use Vtok?
Sure. Instead of just using the Gmail username, just type in your complete email as username. Eg: username@mydomain.com.